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Two ways “To retreat” in Arabic

There are two common Arabic verbs for “to retreat” تراجع and انسحب.

تراجع is a Form 6 verb while انسحب is a Form 7. Below are verb charts demonstrating the different conjugations of both verbs and examples of using them in sentences. You’ll notice that the main difference between the two verbs is their actual structure; however, they are often used to mean the exact same thing, especially when reporting military or security matters. تراجع can also be used to mean “to decline” when discussing economic matters. انسحب can be used in any context in which you need to say “to withdraw” or “pull out from”, whether it be sports, politics, or other matters.

تراجع comes from the root رجع, which as a Form I verb can mean “to return” but can also be used for other related verbs such as “to recur”, “to resort to” or “to derive from”.

تراجع like all Form 6 verbs is identifiable by the  ت as the first letter and the ا as the third letter. Form 6 verbs are also distinguishable by their unique conjugation,  which is similar to Form V verbs such as  َيَتَوَقَّع , minus the shadda  ّ  and no ا

انسحب comes from the root سحب, which as a Form I can be used to say “to pull out (troops)”, “to take away from”, “to dispossess”, “to unsheathe” (a weapon). انسحب like all Form VII verbs is identifiable by the ن after the ا and its verb conjugation, which is similar to Form VIII verbs such as إشترى

Real World Examples:


قوات النظام تتراجع في الزبداني (Click Here For Headline)

Government forces are retreating in Zabadani

ركود في سوق السلع الفاخرة في دبي نتيجة تراجع عدد السياح الروس (Click Here For Headline)

The recession/stagnation in the luxury goods market in Dubai is the result of the decline of Russian tourists.

إيران تعول على زيادة إنتاجها النفطي رغم تراجع أسعار الخام (Click Here For Headline)

Iran is relying on/counting on increasing its oil production despite the decline/drop of crude (oil) prices.


جيش الاحتلال الإسرائيلي انسحب الآن من المسجد الأقصى (Click Here For Headline/Article)

The Occupation Army has retreated/withdrawn from the Al Aqsa Mosque.

فيدرر ينسحب من بطولة مونتريال (Click Here For Headline)

Federer will pull out of the Montreal Tourney.

انسجبوا من عدد من المواقع التي يتمركزوا فيها (Click Here For Article)

They retreated from a number of sites in which they were stationed/centered in.

Arabic Verb Tables

Masdar(المصدر) Command(الأمر) Present Tense (المضارع) Past Tense(الماضي)
تَرَاجُع أَتَرَاجَعُ تَرَاجَعْتُ أنا
تَرَاجَعْ تَتَرَاجَعُ تَرَاجَعْتَ أنت
تَرَاجَعِي تَتَرَاجَعِينَ تَرَاجَعْتِ أنت
يَتَرَاجَعُ تَرَاجَعَ هو
تَتَرَاجَعُ تَرَاجَعَتْ هي
نَتَرَاجَعُ تَرَاجَعْنَا نحن
تَرَاجَعُوا تَتَرَاجَعُونَ تَرَاجَعْتُمْ انتم
تَرَاجَعْنَ تَتَرَاجَعْنَ تَرَاجَعْتُنَّ انتن
يَتَرَاجَعُونَ تَرَاجَعُوا هم
يَتَرَاجَعْنَ تَرَاجَعْنَ هن


Masdar(المصدر) Command(الأمر) Present Tense (المضارع) Past Tense (الماضي)
إنسحاب أَنْسَحِبُ إِنْسَحَبْتُ أنا
إِنْسَحِبْ تَنْسَحِبُ إَنْسَحَبْتَ أنت
إِنْسَحِبِي تَنْسَحِبِينَ إِنْسَحَبْتِ أنت
يَنْسَحِبُ إِنْسَحَبَ هو
تَنْسَحِبُ إِنْسَحَبْتْ هي
نَنْسَحِبُ إِنْسَحَبْنَا نحن
إِنْسَحِبُوا تَنْسَحِبُونَ إِنْسَحَبْتُمْ انتم
إِنْسَحِبْنَ تَنْسَحِبْنَ إِنْسَحَبْتُنَّ انتن
يَنْسَحِبُونَ إِنْسَحَبُوا هم
يَنْسَحِبْنَ إِنْسَحَبْنَ هن

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