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Find out how you can integrate Foreigncy’s language courses to supplement and enhance your curriculum


Supplement and enhance your curriculum

Foreigncy’s language courses are a great way to supplement and
enhance your curriculum.

We can’t replace an instructor’s job in the classroom to cover the
fundamentals and ensure students meet required benchmarks, but
we can cover topics that demand more time than you have. We can
also provide a critical and innovative tool that you can use with your
students in the classroom and which they can access after hours on
any device.

Foreigncy currently offers Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian language
courses on a wide variety of topics to help your students build a
comprehensive vocabulary and reach their language learning goals.

Comprehensive vocabulary with clear results

Helping your students attain a comprehensive vocabulary
and measuring their retention is just part of your curriculum. You’re
also tasked with covering grammar, speaking, and other
fundamentals in the limited time that you have your students in class.

Forgeigncy’s courses are specifically designed to build a student’s
vocabulary on any imaginable topic as well as their reading comprehension and listening skills. Our tools allow students to track
their progress and work on their weak points.

When your students use Foreigncy, they will be motivated to integrate what they’ve learned into your class, enhancing the learning experience for everyone.


Monitor your students’ progress and distribute assignments

Foreigncy has built a customized instructor dashboard that allows
you to monitor your students’ course progress, distribute assignments and send your students messages, all in one place.

Listening and reading comprehension

Foreigncy’s lessons prepare students to read, listen, and watch foreign language media.

By combining these critical aspects of language learning, we reinforce a
lesson’s vocabulary and connect it with tangible materials.


We’re here for you and your students

At Foreigncy, we encourage instructors to build a relationship with
us so we can have a better understanding of your needs and goals
for using our tools. We will always do our best to be as responsive as
we can and we encourage you to work with us to ensure that our
courses meet your expectations and requests.

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