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Currying favor with PRC as domestic policy? (Part I)

DW has compiled a litany of foreign articles and editorials that criticize governments trying to curry favor with the PRC by putting the pressure on Chinese dissidents. As there are quite a few of them, today’s article with cover the introduction and the first subsection (“英德竞相讨好中国”), while Friday’s conclusion will cover the remaining three subsections starting with “如何维持两岸关系现状?”.

Mixed in with the incidental political vocabulary are some relatively novel terms that describe enticements, especially those that may lure governments into currying favor with the PRC, or those that may stem the human rights criticisms.

讨好 means “to ingratiate or to curry favor with”. To break it into components, 讨 means to provoke or to invite, where as 好refers to 好感, “good opinion” or “favorable impression”. Anyone can 讨好, from governments down to pets.

(from the article) European countries such as the UK and Germany are still competing to ingratiate themselves with the PRC.

He’s always ingratiating himself with the boss.

If you try to please both sides, then you’ll fail at both.

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