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Politically Motivated Music in Iran

The music scene in Iran is a vibrant one featuring works of hip hop, pop, traditional Persian music, and politically-motivated music. The video below features the Iranian musician Amir Tataloo singing about Iran’s right to nuclear energy. In the video, you will hear the artist compare nuclear energy to the wind, a gun, a fire, and other various things that when used for peaceful purposes can be good, but when used with bad intentions are highly destructive forces. The vocabulary in the song is highly colloquial, but it can be easily understood. The video includes subtitles which were provided from the artist himself, so they are not the most accurate translations available.

Here is a list of vocabulary that can be heard in this video. Since this is a Memri TV clip, you can find an English transcript of the video here.

Persian English
هیچ قدرتی نمی تواند ایران را از داشتن انرژی صلح آمیز هسته ای محروم سازد No force can deny peaceful nuclear energy from Iran
اگر بد است If it’s bad
صلح که این تنها چیزی که رو به راه من است Peace is the only thing that is my intention
مخالف درگیری ام I am opposed to violence
باران و پاکی Rain and purity
از آسمون From the sky
طوفان، رعد و برق و تگرگ Hurricane, thunder, and hail
اتش هم می سوزاند Fire burns
غرغ کردن To drown
تشنه Thirst
منفی و مثبت Negative and positive
منفی و مثبت هر دو لازم و با هم توی خون ما است Negative and positive are both necessary and are both in our blood
یک سلاح A weapon
حق مسلم ما Our inalienable right
خلیج مسلا فارس An armed Persian Gulf
معلم ریاضی Math teacher
بازی سیاسی Political game
مملکت Country
نمی دانم کی به کی حمله کرد I don’t know who attacked whom
یک بو خسته می آید There is a scent of exhaustion
هر چیزی یک انرژی هسته ای می خواهد Everything wants nuclear power
مثل بابا Like a father
نابود کردن To destroy
پاسخگو Responsive
مثل ساختن دارو Like making medicine
سقوط برای مجسمه ها Silence is for statues
نیرو انتظامی Police force
فرمانده نیرو دریایی Secretary of the Navy

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