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In Solidarity With France

Following the horrific attacks in Paris, the nations of the world, including those in the Middle

East, have come out in solidarity with France. As you follow Arabic-language news coverage of the events unfolding in Paris and the world, you will continue to see various forms of the word تَضَامُن (taaDamun), which means solidarity, appear in a number of forms and contexts. In this blog post, we will be breaking down تَضَامُن so you will recognize it in all of its various usages, helping you follow these critical events via Arabic-language news outlets.

تَضَامُن is a Form 6 Masdar, meaning that it is the verbal noun of the Arabic verb َتَضَامَن – to show solidarity with or to stick together. Most Form 6 verbs and Masdars are used to convey the meaning of doing an action together as a group, whereas Form 3 Arabic verbs are often used to convey doing something with someone else. While Form 6 verbs are not a common form compared to other Arabic forms, there are some verbs and Masdars, such as تَضَامُن that frequently appear in everyday usage and media.

تَضَامُن is derived from the Arabic root ض م ن , and like all Arabic verbs, we can modify the basic meaning of the root by adding additional letters and changing its form.

The Form 6 Arabic verb is known as تَفَاعَلَ (tafaa3la). All Form 6 verbs are created by adding a ت (ta) before the first root letter of a Form 3 verb, here the first root letter is ضَ. Similar to Form V verbs, we vowel the entire verb in the present aka imperfect tense with fathas ( َ  ) until the last root letter, which takes a damma ( ُ  ) يَتَضَامَنُ .


تَضَامُنًا مع

Out of solidarity with

تَضَامُن دُوَلِيّ وَاسِع

Broad international solidarity

تَضَامُن عَرَبِيّ مع فرنسا

Arab solidarity with France

التَّضَامُن مِن زُعَمَاء اَلْعَالِم مع فرنسا

Solidarity from world leaders with France

أَعْرَبَ اَلْعَدِيد مِنْهُم عَنْ تَضَامُن بِلَادّهِم اَلْوَاسِع مع فرنسا

Many of them expressed the wide solidarity of their countries with France.

قادةُ الدولِ يدعونَ الى مسيرةِ تضامنٍ مع فرنسا إثرَ الهجماتِ الإرهابيةِ التي تعرضتْ لها

State leaders called for a solidarity march with France following the terrorist attacks against it.

قالَ الرئيسُ الفلسطيني محمود عباس : نعبرُ عن تضامُنِنا و تعاطُفِنا مع فرنسا حكومةً و شعباً في مواجهةِ الاٍرهابِ

The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that: We express our solidarity and sympathy with the French government and people in confronting terrorism.

محمد البرادعي : التضامنُ هو خلاصُنا ضِدَّ الارهابِ

Mohammed ElBaradei: Solidarity is our salvation against terrorism

إداناتْ عربيَّة و تضامنٌ عربي مع فرنسا بعدَ هجماتِ باريسَ الإرهابيَّة

Arab condemnations and solidarity with France after the Paris terrorist attacks.

ملكُ المغربِ يدينُ تفجيراتِ باريسَ و يُعلنُ التضامنَ الكاملَ مع فرنسا

The Morrocan King condemns the Paris bombings and announces complete solidarity with France.

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