• Hebrew
  • intermediate
  • 12

Course description

Winter in Israel can bring with it stunning panoramas of Jerusalem and excited residents into the streets for the rare opportunity to build snowmen, but it also brings with it extreme weather conditions that can paralyze the country and have a devasting effect on the less-fortunate. For this course, you will prepare to read and watch Hebrew media covering a range of topics linked to winter in Israel. These lessons will teach you critical winter- and weather-related vocabulary to practically apply to your Hebrew study as well as contextual vocabulary linked to the weather's impact on people's lives that will help cement the vocabulary. Examples of vocabulary you will learn in this course include: בובת שלג - snowman; סופת שלג - snowstorm; דרי הרחוב - homeless people; לשרוד את הקור - to survive the cold; שבוע חורפי - a wintry week

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