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Course description

As the world struggles to cope with Coronavirus, Germany seems to be one step ahead of the game in both containing the virus and finding a vaccine. For this course, you will prepare to read one Arabic article reporting on Germany's efforts to develop a vaccine as well as one Arabic news video on the same topic. The video for the course also includes brief interviews with Arab residents of Germany discussing the hardships they are experiencing and the lack of medical supplies available. The first three lessons for the course break down the article into three segments while the last two lessons focus on the first and second halves of the video. While most medical- and health-related courses on Foreigncy are very difficult, this course manages to be ranked as Advanced because the course is focused on one article and one video. Additionally, while the course does contain medical terminology, it is not nearly as technical as the March 2020 course on Coronavirus in the Middle East. Some vocabulary you will learn in this course includes: مصل - vaccine, serum; ابتكر ، يبتكر - to innovate, create; خلية ، خلايا - cell(s); معقّمات - disinfectants; يا ريت - I wish, if only

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