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Course description

Instability across the Middle East has led to severe refugee crises that have impacted the world. Whether it's more recent refugee crises or those dating back decades, war and unrest have forced thousands of people to flee their homelands in search of better lives for the future or at least temporarily. Refugee crises create humanitarian disasters and complicate a country's political landscape, forcing many to take a hard look at what values they hold most dear. For this course, you will prepare to read and watch Arabic media reporting on refugee crises and that document their lives, struggles, and contributions to the societies in which they find themselves. The lessons for this course cover a number of interesting refugee subjects including the Palestinian Right of Return, a Syrian refugee in Tennesse who found a new home in America and offered free falafel to government employees during the shutdown, racism that Syrian refugees encounter in Lebanon, Canada setting the gold standard for welcoming refugees, and Iraqi refugees who have decided to return home from Germany. The Arabic vocabulary in this course will cover a number of areas to include: human rights, travel, food, and charities. After completing this course, you will be well versed to consume Arabic media on many topics related to refugees.

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