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Course description

Israel is home to a vibrant LGBTQ community and gay pride parades are held throughout the country every year; however, that is not to say that the LGBTQ members in Israel experience full and equal rights or that they do not have to contend with some serious social issues. In this course, you will prepare to read and watch Hebrew media focused on combating homophobia, understanding LGBT rights in Israel, and shedding light on other issues that gay couples deal with, such as dreaming of parenthood, social acceptance, and threats of violence. The Hebrew vocabulary for this course is primarily drawn from everyday Hebrew spoken by Israelis and conversations that individuals have in the lesson videos. Some sample vocabulary from the lessons include: סיכון לשברון לב - risk of heartbreak; הקהילה הגאה - the gay community; הנטייה המינית שלי - my sexual orientation; לצאת מהארון - to come out of the closet

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