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Course description

This advanced-level course will prepare you to listen to five songs by the Israeli rapper Tuna. While many Israeli songs are easy to understand and use fairly easy vocabulary, Israeli rap is characterized by its use of slang and other phrases that you may not encounter outside of speaking with Israelis in everyday life. There may be no better way to study Israeli slang than listening to Israeli rap. Tuna uses a number of phrases that cannot be translated literally but instead require the insertion or modification of common sense additions, similar to many English expressions. For each song, you'll be able to read the lyrics by clicking Read the Article and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Examples of the types of vocabulary you'll learn in this course include: משאירים ממך אבק - turn you into dust; הספינה שלי שטה - my ship has sailed; לשפוך את הלב - to pour your heart out; עשיתם שרירים - you acted tough; דקרו מאחור - they backstabbed.

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