• Arabic
  • intermediate
  • 72

Course description

Espionage plays a vital role in any country's foreign policy and defense. In the world of spying, governments and non-state actors seek to obtain vital intelligence on one another and espionage has played a key role in some of the world's most important events. For this course, you'll prepare to read and watch a number of Arabic media and informational items that will teach you the core vocabulary and more when it comes to intelligence and espionage. The lessons for this course will prepare you to read a career opportunities page on the CIA website, watch Arabic media reporting on the Edward Snowden story, learn about the Egyptian spy Ashraf Marwan as well as the famous Israeli spy Eli Cohen. The course also includes a lesson that takes a look at waterboarding and the fallout of the use of this technique in the early days of the war on terror.

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