• Arabic
  • super-advanced
  • 71

Course description

Coronavirus has swept the globe and is rapidly developing into a major health crisis. The virus has spread in the Middle East as well, with Iran becoming an epicenter of coronavirus cases and a cause for concern for other countries in the region such as Lebanon due to the back and forth travel between the two countries. For this Sophisticated-level course, you will prepare to read and watch Arabic media reporting on coronavirus in the Middle East and how different countries in the region are confronting the crisis. While the vocabulary for the lesson is certainly very advanced and deals with some medical terminology, the goal of the course is not to get bogged down in medical vocabulary but to understand how the crisis is affecting the region. Some vocabulary that you will learn for this lesson includes: تفشي الفيروس - outbreak of the virus; تزداد مخاوف - fears are growing; هذا الوباء - this epidemic; حجر صحي - quarantine

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