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Course description

The Romanov family has etched its immortal place in history as one of the world's most fascinating royal dynasties. From its tumultuous claim of power in 1613 to its violent and abrupt demise in 1917, the family ruled over Russia and produced some of history's most remarkable personalities. This course takes a look at the family, its origins, and its legacy among Russias today. While the Romanovs have long been dead, it is clear that the family still holds an important and influential role in the shaping of modern Russian society. It is often said that by learning about the past, we are better able to understand the present. That certainly is the case with the Romanovs. Sample vocabulary that you will learn in this lesson includes: заговор - charm, spell; наследник - heir; потомок - descendant; княжна - princess; страстной - passionate

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