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Classical Persian Poetry

Persian poetry, as I’ve written before, is an important part of Iranian culture and you will find references to Iran’s most famous poems all throughout Iranian literature, music, and in the Persian language itself. Poets in the fifteenth century were expected to have read practically the entire corpus of Persian poetry prior to composing even […]

Introduction To Iranian Rap

People don’t generally think of rap music when Iran is mentioned, but the rap scene in the Iranian capital of Tehran is very popular and powerful among Iranian youth. Iranian rap (or Rap-eh Farsi) is one of the fastest growing musical genres in Iran, thanks largely due to the fact that 60% of the Iranian […]

Persian Grammar: The Use of مگر and دیگر

Use of مگر The Persian language uses the particle مگر for multiple situations. I’ve entitled this post as “Persian-Specific” grammar due to the fact that Persian Farsi is unique from other languages in the Persian language family in its use of the particles مگر  (magar) and دیگر (digar). The particle مگر  is used in the following situations in Persian: […]

Politically Motivated Music in Iran

The music scene in Iran is a vibrant one featuring works of hip hop, pop, traditional Persian music, and politically-motivated music. The video below features the Iranian musician Amir Tataloo singing about Iran’s right to nuclear energy. In the video, you will hear the artist compare nuclear energy to the wind, a gun, a fire, […]

Intro To Persian Poetry: Part One

The Persian culture and language are heavily influenced by its poetry and poetic history. In fact, poetry is so important to Persian culture even today that bank notes in Iran contain watermarked images of ancient Persia’s most famous poets and there are centuries old statues of poets in almost every Iranian city. Imagine if the […]