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Two ways “To retreat” in Arabic

There are two common Arabic verbs for “to retreat” تراجع and انسحب. تراجع is a Form 6 verb while انسحب is a Form 7. Below are verb charts demonstrating the different conjugations of both verbs and examples of using them in sentences. You’ll notice that the main difference between the two verbs is their actual structure; however, they are […]

Amiya v. Fusha – Kharaj min / خرج من

In this blog post, we will compare the Arabic verb Kharaj min / خرج من in the Palestinian dialect (like most dialects also known as Amiya) with its form in classical Arabic known as Fusha. The first table represents the past, present, command, and “simple prefix” forms of the verb in the Palestinian dialect. First, notice how […]

Arabic Verb Practice: Form III

In this blog we’ve highlighted the Form III Arabic verb “to practice.” Read through the past, present, and imperative tenses slowly and be sure to read them aloud. Pay attention to the patterns that this verb takes in its various tenses. If you really want to get this down, practice reading each Arabic verb table […]

Breaking Down This Week’s Hardest Arabic Words

Below is a list of this week’s top 5 hardest Arabic words handpicked form our Arabic language training sets. In this blog post we break down the terms and point out any potential translation stumbling blocks. َ أَمْجَاد سَحِيقَة – Long lost glories أمجاد is the plural of مجد. In this instance سحيق means former, remote or long lost, […]

Why Relying On Google Translate Is A Bad Idea

This article by Foreign Policy was brought to my attention recently and while it is humorous to think of American Senators sending nonsensical correspondence to foreign leaders, the article is also a perfect example as to why Google Translate cannot be relied on for accurate translations of large text. In case you don’t want to read the linked […]

Arabic Pledge of Allegiance

Multiple news sources have recently reported on the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic in a school in New York that drew criticism from the parents of some of the students. The Arabic recitation was part of a language-week initiative at the school. The incident, which prompted the school to adopt an English-only […]