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Arabic Demonstratives – هذا, هذه, ذلك, تلك

Arabic demonstratives are simply the English equivalents of this and that; however, their forms change whether the subject is masculine or feminine.

هذا (hadha) – this (m)

هذه  (hadhihi) – this (f)

ذلك (dhalika) – that (m)

تلك (tilka) – that (f)

The demonstratives must have an al ال before every noun.

Study the word bank below and take the quiz

rifle بُنْدُقِيَة
story قِصَّة
To love ُّحَبَّ,يَحِب (Form 1)
agreement اِتِّفاق
To fight (a war)  ُحَارَبَ, يُحَارِب (Form 3)
soldier جُنْدِي
suburb ضَاحِيَة
traitor خَائِن

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