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The Most Common Hebrew Sports Vocabulary

For this blog post, we have sifted through a number of Foreigncy’s Hebrew sets that focus on sports in Israel and Hebrew sports vocabulary. We’ve selected the 28 most common Hebrew sports words and verbs found in our sets and in Israeli media and presented them below. Once you’ve had a chance to review the vocabulary, test out your skills with a few of the Hebrew sports sets below:

Israeli Windsurfing Delegation

Iranian Women’s Soccer Team Is Not What You Thought

Skydiving in Israel

Thai Boxing in Israel

Maccabi Tel Aviv Forward Devin Smith Injured in Israel’s Semi-Finals 

Sports Vocabulary

אַלִיפוּת – championship

אַלוּף – champion

תַחֲרוּת – competition

גָבִיעַ העוֹלָם – world cup

מִשְׂחָקֵי הָגְמָר – the finals

מדליות – medals

נִבחֶרֶת or קְבוּצָה – sports team

מוֹעֲדוֹן – club or sports club

מִגרָשׁ – a court

ספּוֹרטַאִי – athlete

שַׂחְקָניות – female athletes

מִתחָרֶה – competitor

מְאַמֵן – coach / trainer

לְאַמֵן, מאַמֵן – to train

קלעים – shooters (basketball)

זריקות – basketball shots

מִשְׂחָק – game

סִבּוּב – a round

לְשַׂחֵק, משַׂחֵק – to play

לְנַצֵחַ , מנַצֵחַ – to win

נִצָחוֹן – victory

לְהַפְסִיד,מפְסִיד – to lose

הַדְרָכָה – training

כַּדוּרֶגֶל – soccer

אִגרוּף – boxing

אוֹהֵד or מַעֲרִיץ – fan

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