US military promises to allow investigation into hospital bombing, part 1

The US military bombed a MSF clinic in Kunduz, leaving 19 casualties. Twelve were MSF workers and seven patients, with three of them being children. The Taliban issued a statement stating that none of their fighters were being treated at the clinic. The MSF has strongly condemned the attack, and the US is now promising to investigate.

This is the first part of a two part article. Today’s section covers the headline, the introduction, and the first section (“无国界医生”强烈谴责). Wednesday’s part 2 will cover the concluding two sections, starting with “华盛顿:沉痛哀悼,等待调查结果”. Learn terms associated with military operations, including how to describe casualties and collateral damage.

强烈 means “intense” or “strong”, and it’s often used to describe the intensity with which someone does something or the intensity with which something was achieved. This is not quite the same thing as 热烈 (enthusiastic), which also gives an indication of intent to the intensity.

(from the article) MSF issues strong condemnation

A very strong/violent explosion

The summer sunshine is very strong

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