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Results from September’s SSAT canceled due to suspected cheating, part 1

The Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) is an admissions test that aids independent and private schools to make admissions decisions. This year, the SSAT board announced that all upper level results from September will be cancelled due to suspected large scale cheating.

While only 357 test takers will be affected by this particular announcement, there have been a series of scandals with regard to irregularities on popular standardized tests. The GRE once cancelled all mainland scores from a particular test date, affecting thousands. TOEFL once found their test questions for sale for more than 4000 USD before a particular test date and was forced to change the test contents entirely.

Part one covers the first two subsections. Friday’s section starts with the subsection labeled “观点呼吁”.

This is an academic article but contains lots of quotations from interviewed educational professionals, so there is some excellent colloquial expressions mixed in with the formal spoken MSM, such as押/压题。

Today’s list contains two vocabulary words that means “to cheat”, 作弊 and 欺骗. They are used very differently in sentences, depending what kind of cheating you wish to describe.

The act of cheating or to cheat at something is 作弊. In English, this is the equivalent of “you cheating” or “you have cheated at X”. For example:

(from the article) The phenomenon of Chinese students cheating on international exams is happening more and more

I have often cheated in exams without being caught.

In contrast, 欺骗 generally needs to have an object. You have to cheat at something or cheat someone. It also carries the primary meaning of “to deceive”.

I don’t want to cheat/deceive you.

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