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Currying favor with PRC as domestic policy? (Part II)

DW has compiled a litany of foreign articles and editorials that criticize governments trying to curry favor with the PRC by putting the pressure on Chinese dissidents. Today’s section will cover the remaining three subsections starting with “如何维持两岸关系现状?”.

Today’s sections contain some excellent terms to describe when one side may be ambivalent about the advantages and intentions of their partner, while their partner seems intent on achieving goals and pressing their advantage.
越演越烈 literally means “as it plays out, it gets more intense”. It is used usually to mean that something is getting worse or more out of hand as time goes on. More generally speaking, you can indicate that as X continues to happen, that it is getting to be more Y with 越…越… Many variations with regard to what goes in the blanks are possible.

(from the article) Guilt by association in PRC politics getting worse

Gasoline is getting increasingly expensive.

The more unhappy she is, the less she talks.

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