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Buy your own piece of Berlin today!

Berlin’s real estate market seems like the next destination for domestic Chinese investors. IN the wake of the stock market crash, Chinese investors are now flocking to Berlin, attracted by the low exchange rate and the relative stability of the German economy. Because of the low level of knowledge about Germany in the investor population, real estate intermediary companies must sell the idea of Berlin at the same time that they are selling actual real estate to these investors.

Learn real estate terms, such as ways to describe skyscrapers and very large buildings as well as the amenities surrounding them. Because this is a relatively new topic, the accompanying video is a real estate commentary from Vancouver, whose real estate price increases have made the city one of the most expensive in North America.

尤其 means “especially” and is used to intensify the importance of something that is being discussed. So, we may discuss some topic A, in which sub-topic X is of some particular importance. For example:

(from the article) [Chinese investors] have increasingly paid special attention to the Berlin real estate market.

His studies are excellent, but his language arts scores are especially good.

Please don’t eat spicy foods, in particular the hot and spicy soup.

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