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After Ankara explosion, Global Times urges reflection, part 1

A devastating bombing at a peace rally in Ankara killed or injured more than 100. The government suspects ISIL as perpetrators. The Global Times published an editorial urging for Turkey to reassess its attitudes toward fundamentalism, saying that the government’s position is not always clear.

This is the first of two parts. Today’s entry covers the first section, while part two on Wednesday will cover the section entitled “新疆问题”. In this entry, learn terms associated with Turkey and Turkish politics.

黑手 (black hand) is a term that the Chinese media uses for the perpetrator or planner of some heinous crime. It is used here to describe ISIL/ISIS/Daesh as being the behind-the-scenes orchestrator of the bombing. If you see this term being used, the implication is that the owner of the label黑手 is no good. You may occasionally see it elsewhere, such as in黑手党, the Chinese name of the Mafia (Cosa Nostra)

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