Newscasting Versus Persian Street Speak

As you are well aware, newscasters are expected to speak and deliver the daily news with a certain amount of decorum and articulation, but this is not how people speak on a daily basis in their everyday lives. When learning any language, it’s important to be able to understand how native speakers of that language use it on a regular basis and what amount of idioms, colloquialisms, and slang speech is typically used by a native speaker of that language. In Persian, the news is often spoken and written in a formal manner and the vocabulary usually does not represent the vocabulary popularly used by the Farsi-speaking community.

In this video by Ali Molavi, a Tehran-born filmmaker, you can see Persian speakers in Tehran using colloquial Persian to answer the question, “What would you do if you had the power to do anything you desired?” You’ll see speakers of all ages and you’ll hear people who articulate well, those who mumble, and people with an accent you’ve never encountered before. There are subtitles for the video which you can view by clicking on the CC button on the bottom right of the video playback bar (screenshot below).

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Here is a list of vocabulary and phrases you will encounter in this video:

دنیا عوض می کردم – I would change the world

قدرت داشتم که هر کاری دلم خواست می کردم؟ – If I had the power to do anything I want?

قدرت انجام هر کاری؟ – The power to do anything?

چه کار می کردم قدرتشان داشتم؟ – What would I do if I had the power?

خیلی کارها می کردم – I would do a lot of things.

مهمترینش؟ – The most important one?

جنگ کل دنیا بگیرم  – I would eradicate war all over the world

بار می گشتم از اول شروع می کردم – I would start over again.

بسته اسباب بازی لگو – A box of LEGO toys

آلان این لحظه – Right now, this moment

دنیا را نابود می کردم – I would destroy the world.

از ایران می رفتم – I’d leave Iran.

چه می گویم؟ – What do I say?

شاید – Maybe

خدا حافظ – Goodbye

اصلاْ – altogether/at all

عمر – life

قدرت – power/ability

گرفتاری – problem

قیمت دلار – price of the dollar

از بین رفتن – to eradicate

نامر‌ی – invisible

مرگ – death

رفاه – welfare

مجهز سازی – equipment

مریخ – Mars

جزیره – island

معلق – somersault

کل – all

زندگی کردن – to live

فراماسونگری – Freemasonry

تاس – dice

آینده – future

وجدان خود – your own conscience

فکر کردن – to think

در نظر گرفتن – to consider

دشمنی – hostility

عوض کردن – to change

پولدار – rich

آرامش – peace

خدمت – service

رنج بردن – to suffer (from)

جوانان – youth

اشتباه – mistake

وضعیت – situation

خشونت – violence

افسرده – depression

هنرپیشه – actor

تحریم ها – sanctions

هتماْ – definitely

لپتپ – laptop

آرتش – Army/military

منحل کردن – to dissolve

آرام – calm

ایجاد کردن – to create




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