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Great Tip to Improve Your Hebrew Pronunciation and Listening Skills

One great tip to improve your Hebrew pronunciation and listening skills is to search for the word or phrase in YouTube. As any serious language student knows, your listening and pronunciation skills are completely different muscles than your reading ability.

It’s easy to get caught up in your reading skills and forget that without constant practice your pronunciation and listening skills can deteriorate.

Next time you are reading a Hebrew article and see a word you can’t pronounce follow these three steps for a soundproof method to learn proper pronunciation:

Step I: Copy and paste the word into YouTube

Step II: Change the filter option to less than 4 minutes

Step III: Click on the video that seems the most interesting to you. While listening try to focus hard so that you can hear the word you are looking for. Be sure to watch the entire video, because the word will often time be used in different contexts and tenses.

Here are some examples that will help you get started:

בין היתר – among other things (0:42 – 0:44)

כינים – lice

להכיל, מכיל – to contain (0:15 – 0:18)

גלאי מתכות – metal detectors (0:13 – 0:15)

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