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Essential Hebrew and the Iran Nuclear Deal

On July 14, the world awoke to the news that negotiators had reached a nuclear deal with Iran that allows for unrestricted inspector access to Iran’s nuclear facilities and prevents Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. While much of the world saw the deal as a major achievement, Israel was quick to criticize the development and Prime Minister Netanyahu came out strongly against it.

The Iranian nuclear issue is a very common subject in Israeli media and to truly understand Israel’s perspective on the issue, Hebrew learners should be able to read Hebrew language news articles on the topic. Most Hebrew articles on the Iranian nuclear issue tend to use similar vocabulary and in this blog post we will break down the critical vocabulary from an Israeli news article on today’s development as well as the Prime Minister’s reaction in the attached video.

Key Vocabulary From the Article

Nuclear weapon נֶשֶק גַרעִינִי
The Israeli fear החֲשַש הישראלי
Nuclear capability יְכוֹלֶת גַרעִינִית
Terrorist organizations אִרגוּני טרור
regime מִשטָר
Opposed to the agreement (f) מִתנַגֵדֶת להֶסכֵם
dangers סַכָּנוֹת
To be armed with, to arm oneself with לְהִתְחַמֵש ב
Nuclear plan תכנִית הגַרעִין
deal עִסקָה
sanctions סַנקצִיוֹת
Atom bombs פְּצָצוֹת אָטוֹם
inspection פִּיקוּחַ


Key Vocabulary From Video

At any price בכל מחיר


result תוצאה


The first results הדיווחים הראשונים


To already establish now לקבוע כבר עכשיו


Historic mistake טעות היסטורית


Areas, fields תחומים


To prevent למנוע


Large concessions ויתורים מפליגים


To refuel לתדלק


expansion התפשטות


aggression תוקפנות


talks שיחות


desire רצון


To sign לחתום על


To commit oneself להתחייב


To put aside לשים בצד


To be united להתאחד


fateful גוֹרָלִי


security ביטחון



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