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Russian Blog

Speak Russian like a Petersburger!

As anyone who lives there will tell you, St. Petersburg is strikingly different from every other city in Russia. Founded by Peter the Great in 1703 as Russia’s great gateway to Europe, St. Petersburg now holds the distinction of being the cultural epicenter of Russian life, with hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting every year […]

Why Relying On Google Translate Is A Bad Idea

This article by Foreign Policy was brought to my attention recently and while it is humorous to think of American Senators sending nonsensical correspondence to foreign leaders, the article is also a perfect example as to why Google Translate cannot be relied on for accurate translations of large text. In case you don’t want to read the linked […]

The Russian Bar Experience

I’m sure everyone who has traveled to Russia for work or study has been to a bar or club. Russia, specifically Moscow and St. Petersburg, are known for their diverse nightlife, and even though the club scene has become more…tame…since the lawless 1990s, there are still great bars and clubs to visit. I will leave […]