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Persian Blog

What Do Iranians Fear?

This video by Iranian filmmaker Ali Molavi features interviews of everyday Iranians on the streets of Tehran. In this interview the cameraman asks interviewees what they most fear. This video will give you an insight into the thoughts of the average Iranian regarding the future, their fears and concerns, and even a bit about how […]

Persian Sentence Structure

The syntax or sentence structure of a language is one of the key features of a language. In general, linguists categorize languages by their sentence structure. For instance, a SVO language is one in which a typical sentence will have the following structure: Subject – Verb – Object SOV languages have a structure of: Subject – […]

Watching An Iranian TV Show

In the video below, you will see an Iranian television show made in the UK called “چرا که نه؟” which means ‘why not?’ In this episode of the show, you will see the host visit a school for mentally and physically handicapped children in the UK. In the second part of the video she visits […]

A Conversation In Persian

In this video you will see two native English speakers converse in Persian Farsi. The goal of this video is to have viewers realize that with enough practice and study, anyone can become conversational in the Persian language. When we are speaking, we both make errors, but we quickly realize the errors and correct them. […]

Persian Grammar: The “ب” Form of Verbs

One of the most confusing verb conjugations in Persian (for me at least) is the use of the ب form of Persian verbs. This article will help you use this verb form properly and will explain how the Persian grammatical constructions of these types of verbs compare to similar constructions in English. Subjunctive Tenses Unlike in Persian, […]