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The Majalla Story at UChicago

UChicago Majalla is an Arabic-language publication created and produced entirely by students at the University of Chicago and established to promote Arabic-language use on campus. The magazine debuted in 2016 and was created out of the belief that the diversity among Arabic students at the university could be harnessed to promote language acquisition. A year later, […]

Fusha v. Amiya – According to

In Modern Standard Arabic and spoken Arabic, there are several common ways to say or write “according to”, “corresponding to”, or “pursuant to”. Each of these linking verbs come from unrelated roots, but when used in the appropriate context can convey the same meaning. Below we outline the linking verbs that we can use in […]

In Solidarity With France

Following the horrific attacks in Paris, the nations of the world, including those in the Middle East, have come out in solidarity with France. As you follow Arabic-language news coverage of the events unfolding in Paris and the world, you will continue to see various forms of the word تَضَامُن (taaDamun), which means solidarity, appear […]

Weak Arabic Verbs – وصل

The Arabic root وص ل is the foundation for many different Arabic verbs and nouns that are super common in Arabic language media and everyday life. In this blog post, we will be breaking down Arabic Verb Form I  of وص ل. Form I – وصل – to arrive وصل falls into an Arabic category commonly […]

Eastern Arabic Colloquium: Lahalla2 3am Jarrib

Foreigncy’s August 23 Arabic post provided a link to An Nahar’s profile of Lebanese comedian Wissam Kamal’s new stand up comedy series Lahalla2 3am Jarrib (لهلّأ عم جرّب), which in Lebanese Arabic means ‘I have been trying (experimenting, testing things out)’ / I’m still trying (experimenting, testing things out)’, or literally, ’til now I am […]

Two ways “To retreat” in Arabic

There are two common Arabic verbs for “to retreat” تراجع and انسحب. تراجع is a Form 6 verb while انسحب is a Form 7. Below are verb charts demonstrating the different conjugations of both verbs and examples of using them in sentences. You’ll notice that the main difference between the two verbs is their actual structure; however, they are […]